Program /

  • PATCH 2017 will take place at the morning of July 9th

Initial schedule:

  • 9.00: Workshop introduction 
    9.20: Saad Al-Baddai, Barbara Ströhl, Bernd Ludwig and Elmar Lang , Do Museum Visitors See what Educators Want Them to See?
    9.50: Carmelo Ardito, Paolo Buono, Giuseppe Desolda and Maristella Matera, Empowering CH Experts to produce IoT-enhanced visits 
    10.10: George Raptis, Christos Fidas and Nikolaos Avouris, Cultural Heritage Gaming: Effects of Human Cognitive Styles on Players’ Performance, Experience and Visual Behavior

    10.30 --- BREAK 

  • 11.00: Noemi Mauro and Liliana Ardissono, Thematic Maps for Geographical Information Search 
    11.30: Alessio De Angelis, Fabio Gasparetti, Alessandro Micarelli and Giuseppe Sansonetti, A Social Cultural Recommender based on Linked Open Data 
    11.50: Tsvi Kuflik, Antonino Lo Bue, Alan Wecker and Oliviero Stock, When will Cultural Heritage Content creation get to the Digital Age?
    12.05: Seyyed Hadi Hashemi, Jaap Kamps and Wim Hupperetz, Busy VS. Empty Museums: Effects of Visitors' Crowd on Users' Behaviors in Smart Museums
    12.20: wrap up 

In the afternoon (Sunday, July 9th) there will be a joint session with SMAP 2017.
You can find the program of this session at the following page: